Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to dig up the dirt you need

After assisting in research on an article regarding Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) hiring the new Chancellor despite past allegations, I found these few following links and shortcuts extremely helpful (and free):

- Visit harvester.census.gov to find a single audit database. This can be helpful when trying to find a past evaluation on a person or an organization.

- When looking for a home phone number in the US, type "rphonebook: full name, state" in a Google search.

- If trying to find court case filings, you can usually find county reports on their website, for example: Denver, Colorado. Beware that not all civil cases can be filed in this manner, if only looking up a name. Also, some states like Colorado require you to pay for a state court case report and are not open record like other states.

- Not getting the info you know you have rights to? Visit splc.org to get a sample FOIA letter or fill out your own.

Make sure to read the featured story above to see how some of these links were implemented for research.

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