Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clothing stores involved in journalism

Urban Outfitters' is much more than an eclectic clothing store.  Connecting shoppers through new medias like twitter, iTunes, and facebook, UO also has a website that not only houses a blog, but a Features page containing extensive stories about fashionistas and models. Although their specific layout is a little sporadic I absolutely love the idea.

Journalism has branched out in many different areas, and now journalists that love fashion can write for more than just magazines like Elle and InStyle. Here is an off-the-street feature about a French university student. Not only does it show off UO's new styles and is another form of advertisement, but it opens up their store to a new audience-- readers! Even for those not interested in fashion, check out what UO has attempted in the field of journalism. I think it's great!

Urban Outfitters Feature

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